Positano, the beautiful cliff side village with its colorful houses hanging on the mountain which reflect in the boundless clear blue sea. This town is the pearl of the Amalfi Coast and is surrounded by intense aromas of lemon and by the vivid colors of the bougainvillea and flowering terraces.

Characteristic its narrow streets and alleys with shops and stores with local products such as limoncello and local crafts and clothing such as the Positano fashion, linen, leather sandals and other items and various colorful ceramics.

To Visit:

Church of Santa Maria Assunta distinguished by its splendid and majestic dome in yellow and green majolica and flanked by a bell tower decorated at the base with the famous low-relief of Pistrice.

The town of Montepertuso situated in the upper part of the town is famous for its hole in the mountain linked to religious legends and its water sources.

The town of Nocelle,a little gem nestled in the mountains where the famous Walk of the Gods begins leading the way up the Lattari Mountains.

Various Beaches: Fornillo, Marina Grande, Arienzo and Laurito, all to be discovered.

The Saracena Towers are watchtowers that were part of the overall defense system of the Amalfi Coast: Fornillo Tower, Trasita Tower, Sponda Tower and Gallo Tower.


Every day, during breakfast, our staff of the B&B Dimora del Podestà will help you organize your excursions and visits to all the sights and places of interest of this beautiful area of the Campania Region. Positano is the ideal place to discover the beauty of the Amalfi Coast.


The island of Capri is one of the most picturesque and most visited places of Campania. Its beauty and fame have been recognized since ancient times with its ties to the myths of Ulysses and the Sirens, and still attracts numerous visitors who make its breathtaking views, the ultimate destination.


Amalfi with its famous and ancient cathedral of St. Andrew and its narrow streets. Every four years a celebration of the Historical Regatta of the Maritime Republics.


Ravello, a romantic city with breathtaking views from the gardens of Villa Cimbrone and the famous Villa Rufolo festival. A must see the Auditorium of Oscar Niemeyer.